Over a decade ago, my high school writing teacher inspired the phrase "Frog This". Whenever anyone really liked what they read, they would scribble the word "Frog!" on the paper. It was the ultimate compliment.

I love to create clean, frog worthy websites. I specialize in front-end web design (XHTML/CSS/PHP), but I can also create customized Wordpress themes and marketing collateral for your small business.


Frog This Design provides a range of web design services for your small business. Whether it's a completely new site or a simple redesign, you're covered. My web design services will help you:

  • market your business to the world
  • create a professional website
  • attract new customers
  • increase ROI


Need to dress up company documents or develop marketing collateral for your small business? My marketing services will help you:

  • design professional marketing collateral
  • optimize your website
  • build and maintain an accurate list of leads
  • improve communication with clients
  • prove you are indeed better than the competition


Don't let your site go stale. My web maintenance services will help you:

  • keep up-to-date with customers
  • improve site visibility
  • improve usability